I'll preface this by stating that I wasn't entirely sure I should post this as it's not PRS related. However, we're all guitar lovers and I thought this would be of interest to many of you - even if you're not a Knopfler fan (Shame on you, lol!)

I watched this on a UK channel the other day and it's now popped up on Y'tube (Not sure for how long though!) and it's well worth the 45 minutes.

Mark and his former Dire Straits band mate, bassist John Illsley take us on a journey from his first guitar to many of the others that he has aquired and helped shape his music. Fascinating journey and much of it I could relate to as i'm sure many of you will (If maybe not the rock and roll stardom bit! )

It's a shame Mark doesn't play PRS guitars - at least to my knowledge. I'm sure he'd love them!

Here it is: