I have had rigs that involved two stacks run in stereo all the way to small amps with minimal pedal boards but recently I bought a Evil Robot C30 combo (30watts/18watts) and decided to see just how minimal I could go. After experimenting over the last three weeks I'm down to the following:

PRS Artist V > Fulltone Clyde Wah > Turbo Tuner > Tube Screamer (J4558 Chip) > Evil Robot Amp with a TC Flashback Delay in the loop,

I find it actually more fun and liberating to play with this simple rig than anything I've owned over the last several years, plus the combo weighs 27 lbs so the carry in and setup is just one load both ways. The amp is a recreation of the Magnavox Tonemaster 214, it's not exact but John Kasha wanted to make it as close as possible without raising the cost for the average musician. Most of the time I play on 18 watts unless we're outdoors, the only down side is people keep asking me what "Evil Robot" means and I have no clue where they came up with the name.