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Thread: Does anyone have spare backplates?

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    Does anyone have spare backplates?

    I went to a few Tremonti shows and got the backplates signed of my Tremonti guitars. They were signed in sharpie and I've noticed the signatures are going to scratch off if I keep them on the guitars. So I was wondering if anyone had any, I have one US and one SE model (the screw holes are in different places for each). The singlecut backplates on the PRS site are $50 (what!?) and they don't show an SE backplate for a four-knob configuration, so I don't know where I can get one. If anyone has any, let me know!

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    Hopefully you'll be able to find one but..

    Can't be too hard to fashion one from some perspex or a thin sheet of wood. Just use the old one as a template.
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