View Poll Results: Who shall be the President of the DGT Fan Club until the next election (Nov 2016)?

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  • BostonGuitar (Pres) & Mike Duncan (VP)

    26 63.41%
  • Harker1440 (Pres) & Twinfan (VP)

    6 14.63%
  • aristotle (Pres) & rugerpc (VP)

    9 21.95%
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Thread: ELECTION TIME! (DGT Fan Club)

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    Quote Originally Posted by crgtr View Post
    I guess I would be the anti-DGT prez. I have defiled my DGT STD with multiple insertions of foreign electronic. Subjected Mr Clean to hot solder and other unspeakable torture. I do love my boy "Mr Clean", but he is no longer pure in heart. I would support the candidate that doesn't shun the molestation of these fine creatures. I can only hope that the vintage DGT incoming won't suffer the fate the poor Mr Clean has.......
    The aristotle/rugerpc ticket stands for the oppressed masses - even if they did it to themselves. As the incumbents love to point out, the VP candidate on the ticket doesn't even own a DGT...

    But we are about inclusion - not division. The DGT club should be open to all who appreciate the DGT, whether they own one or not, whether they mod it or not. You won't hear that from the sitting Prez or VP. They would shun you as they have me. But like you, I am a man. If my guitar string breaks, do I not cry and bleed when the tip of the new string pricks me?

    I'd like to make something else clear. Our ticket does not promise to provide the masses with DGTs, only that the masses should have access to DGTs.

    In fact, we have a simple 5 step plan to help everyone reach the goal of a DGT in every home.
    1. Get a job
    2. Earn a few kilobucks
    3. Order a DGT
    4. Pay for your DGT
    5. Enjoy your DGT.

    The incumbents don't have any path to ownership as simple as that or we would have seen it by now.
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