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Thread: ELECTION TIME! (DGT Fan Club)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harker1440 View Post
    Look ruger instead of telling us how or why you would change a perfectly good guitar why don't you go buy borrow rent a dgt and post some video of you playing it. You can't join or lead the club and not own a DGT. Don't want to own one fine then start an appreciation society for the dgt and you can lead that. Sorry but Membership has its Perks
    This is exactly the exclusionary, elitist, Emperor wannabe nonsense that got aristotle and me into the race in the first place.

    Harker's reasoning is just as flawed as saying that a man cannot work for the benefit of women. Preposterous!

    You see that Harker will smirk and challenge you if you don't yet own a DGT. It is not enough to love them and be in the middle of the aristotle/rugerpc 5 step plan to ownership (currently working on step 2). No, you have to prove ownership before you get access to the secret handshake.

    Well, sir, we and the rest of the people call "TURKEY" - er, I mean "FOWL!"

    Harker also misrepresents our platform. We are not about changing 'a perfectly good guitar', we see the current DGT staying in the production lie for as long as DGh and PRSh say it should. But we are realists. People want options.

    I'll cite YOUR OWN PARTY as evidence that things should not be stagnant. The current color options for a stock DGT are:
    Antique White
    PRS Tobacco Sunburst
    Solana Burst
    Sunset Burst

    Notice anything missing Mr. Representative of the Eriza Green Party?? HUH? You would deny your own party its signature color??

    News Flash - it's about options. You SAY you want a SE version, but under your 'rule' there would be even fewer color options in that line. Any of the Eriza Green Party faithful would have to go to PS or PTC to get their signature color. Just how does THAT jive with wanting to give an inexpensive option to the masses? Your platform is thus revealed as an elitist sham. You, sir, care not for the yearning masses.

    Like it or not, the Equal Temperament Party is the voice and hopes of the people.
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