Welcome back to the No Spin Zone.

While voters are used to being fed empty promises, a new development could give them some hope that a regime change might actually produce tangible results. This morning a I received a video from a source who shall only be referred to as "Deep-Pockets", pertaining to an alleged prototype DGT model.

Sensitive viewers may wish to skip the video.

Could this be a certain VP candidate from the "near-center right" actually playing a DGT? Could this be the factory- altered tuned DGT the Equal Temp. Party has been promising, or is it merely a regular DGT that has been somehow, what the EV green party would consider "perverted", for the purpose of making the incumbent and EV appear as though they are incapable of initiating real change?

While the President is out in cyberspace with celebrities, and the EV is under speculation of bribery, aristotle/rugerpc are the only ones who seem to have a plan for universal DGT ownership, along with propositions and perhaps a prototype, for expanding the DGT line.

Stay sharp voters, this could be a Damn Good Time for the DGT club.