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After a bewitching tropical storm this past Halloween week, the DGT Fan Club Presidential Election has been swept back into action!

The incumbents Boston/Duncan have seemed to unveil a campaign strategy aimed at middle-aged sub/urban voters, there are at least two independent advertisements and postings that should appeal to this under-represented demographic of DGT players who listen to Hip-hop.


and what appears to be their main campaign theme:

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"It's like that..."

It is unclear who is doing market research for Boston/Duncan ,but the ads have already been proven 98% effective in my immediate vicinity... but there is one thing that might bother voters...A Gibson Les Paul.

The VP from the Equal Temp. Party has fired back pointing out the misstep about including an "Evil doer" brand of guitar in his campaign ads, while simultaneously unveiling another new prototype.

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Unbelievable. The current Prez posts a pic of a GIBSON as his bona fide??!?!?
We are proud to present another prototype - the DGTØ.

The BS DGTØ. Revolution. Evolution. Pure BS.

Next we find out that the VP candidate has as of recent suspiciously acquired his DGT hang tags:
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The aristotle/rugerpc Equal Temperament Party ticket rides the wave...

Here appears to be the same guitar as the proposed "prototype" BS DGT. Is this really an altered photo of an actual DGT model? Could this be an elaborate trick the Equal Temp. is playing on the voters? Why has no picture of the headstock, hang tags, modcat, or warranty registration ever been made public? Could they be trying to hide something from the voters? Could an unnamed source speculate that a proposed, while highly probable, solution that might pertain to the assertion, that the VP candidate has never released documentation, because his DGT looks Something like this?


Can the validity of any candidates instruments be outside of the realm of speculation?

Can you "get with this"?


When reached (or copy/pasted and taken out of context) for comment, only aristotle/rugerpc cared to reply:
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While neither an admission or denial, it is at least a comment, so this reporter will give them a break.

The Green have announced something big.

While I don't know what could be bigger than owning the only 100% completely verifiable, unmolested, made for a certain someone, DGT in the race could be...??
I'm all ears.

Confusion over the debate, and the actual election has apparently upset the elderly enough to warrant an official clarification:
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[COLOR=#4b0082][B]As promised, the Debate has been rescheduled.... The new date/time is Monday the 5th of November.
Just in case that information has not been clearly explained to voters, the following statement released should make the dates quite clear:

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It's on Sunday.

Thank you, and goodnight.