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Thread: SE Mark Tremonti Custom - Now on

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdiers View Post

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    I'm assuming the up route allows the trem to pull notes sharp. Is there also more range to go flat? I love the PRS trem but would like a bit more range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    I do not see the Tremonti uncovered pups listed on PRS's site.
    If I had a set installed in my new SE Tremonti Custom, is it going to make that much of a better tone over the stock 245 SE pickups in it now?
    Corey, I would say that the US Tremonti bridge pup is much hotter and the neck pup is warmer than the stock SE 245 pickups, respectively. I have a HFS ready to be installed in the bridge of mine as I already have two guitars with US Tremonti pickups.

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    Got one on order, my first PRS. New to this forum. Anyone know what the weight of this one is???

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    I think mine is around 7 or 8 pounds, its got weight to it...not as heavy as a usa Tremonti
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    deep in the raspberry...
    Any chance of a white one for Sergio?
    Check it out: Phillybri used to have a band: Resonance But he's soooo over them now!

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