Hello all; happy to find your forum!

I have a wiring question I was hoping someone might have an answer toÖ

I have an Artist HB1 which I really dig. Iíve played it enough to know just what Iím looking for to make it fit my needs to a íT'. I like the Archtop pickups well enough, but I have a set of the 57/08ís that are going to go in as I really like those pickups.

My question: I want to have the option of tapping the neck pickup only of the 57/08 set, and I donít like to use push/pull pots live. I use the piezo mixed in with the neck pickup at times, but mostly use the mag setting only. I have no particular use for the Ďupí position of the piezo mini switch (Piezo only).
What I would like to do is use the down (mag only) and middle (mixed) of the mini switch as is, but change the Ďup' position of the mini switch to tap the neck pickup of the 57/08 and do away with the piezo only position.

Unfortunately I canít find a schematic that includes the mini switch, so I donít know if this can be done. The 57/08 has a single white wire for tapping, so depending on the format of the mini switch it would be easy enough to switch this wire to ground for tapping without any push/pull pot or other modifications.

Any insight would be appreciated. Iím sure shipping to PTC is an easy answer, but I try to avoid shipping guitars if at all possible.

Thanks and keep on pickín!