It's all your fault. And by 'your' I mean Hans and the rest of the DGT crowd.

The election thread was all fun and games until you guys made me feel so guilty about not having a DGT. I know that I weaseled my way around it pretty well in my campaign, but I need a trump card over BostonGuitar's Facebook with DGh and Harker and Twinfan's video by CRGTR.

So, Saturday morning my sweetie and I went to Coffey Music in Westminster to film a little video. It was just supposed to be a little diversionary fun. You can't tell from the clip since it was shot in 'nightshot' mode and intentionally grainy like a spy-cam, but the DGT I was playing is a drop-dead georgous 10 top...

I had stated truthfully that a DGT for me was not in the cards at the moment, I have other things I need to concentrate on - not the least is my sweetie's and my wedding coming up in less than a year.

But all I could think about last night and since I have been up today is that DGT at Coffey. I'm going through my mind as to which guitars in the hoard I just am not that in to (I was planning some thinning anyway), and now I'm gonna have to have some serious swap talk with Bob Coffey.

Damn you guys.