This is my first post on the PRS Forum.

Did some searching, but couldn't find any posts on this temperature question.

I have a Hollow Body II that I've had for about 10 years I think. I've only recently started to wonder if I'm putting it, and my other guitars, under stress and at risk of damage by exposing them, daily, to a night time to day time temperature swing of 6 to 7 degrees.

We keep our house at 71 in the day time on weekdays, and 73 in the day time on weekends. Every night, regardless of day, we run the AC to get 'er down to 66 degrees at night. The guitars are in a music room, out on stands (not in their cases) and are exposed to this temp change, twice a day, every day of the year.

Heat pumps don't make rapid temp changes. It takes about 45 minutes at the fastest to make the temp swing one way, or the other. The guitars are not near the heat / cool register vents. I live in Eugene, OR. The humidity is not super high, or very low. Its pretty much Mama Bear porridge just right, and, it doesn't have a large swing change summer to winter. Certainly from any given day to the next, it basically just doesn't change but a tiny amount. So really, its just the temp swing I'm imposing myself that I'm wondering about.

I know.. To read it, 6 to 7 degrees doesn't sound like much of a swing, but, one of the rules I've read says, "Don't expose 'em to anything you wouldn't want". Well, to stand there in the room, middle of the night, and not be under covers.. 66 feels veeery cold (Can't vote to get it warmer. Others in house desire it that cold to sleep). Secondly, this isn't an occasional change. The guitars are exposed to this every night (many thousands of cycles over their life).

I haven't had a problem so far in 15 years for any of them. They don't even go out of tune from morning to evening (takes weeks to go noticeably out of tune).

Like to leave them out because I like to see them. Art work and all.

Umm.. am I blowin' it here?

If I put them in their cases, it wouldn't stop them reaching the two end points of temp. It would just lengthen the swing time a bit.

Thanks so much for your time.

- Rowan