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Thread: Hmm.. these PRS things are pretty nice!

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    Hmm.. these PRS things are pretty nice!

    Hi there. Just joined here. Been a member at TGP, sevenstring for a while.

    I found a used 2000 PRS CU24 10 top (blue) with birds at a local store and wanted to try it out. So I rented it. My favourite guitar player is Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth so I've been eyeing PRS for a while (my main guitar is a EBMM JP6.) I've tried PRS in the stores and liked em, but never really got one home to fiddle with in my home setup (3 Ch dual rec -> 2x12, or Axe Fx II -> QSC K10)

    I must say.. having had this around for a week or so, it's a DAMN fine machine. As expected it looks amazing. I'm very impressed by the playability and tone. I'm not used to a rotary switch for pickup switching though, but I'm mainly a bridge pup guy most of the time. I've got it on rent for a few more weeks, and will hopefully get a chance to try it at band rehearsal. I may eventually buy it. (Am I allowed to ask about price here?)

    Last night I also took a quick look at a new PRS SE 245. Hot damn those are pretty nice guitars as far as build and looks go (didn't get a chance to play it.)

    Anyhow.. just saying "hi". Some info about me:

    41 years old
    Toronto area
    Mostly listen to metal and prog,but I do dabble in everything.
    Band: new rock covers (stuff newer than 1990 or so) .. classic rock NOT ALLOWED. I sing lead and play guitar (mostly rythym, some lead.)
    A vid of me playing/singing:

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