Just searching for any new SE Bernie Marsden vids on Y'tube when I came across a familiar sight. My Guitar! Seems someone has downloaded the photo (After clearly searching for Whitesnake / Bernie Marsden photos for uploads of their songs) and came across pics of my guitar. Flattering in a way but overall i'm a bit pi55ed that he/she didn't ask my permission. Depending what he wanted to do with them I may have said yes but as he's using them to upload original tracks by an artist i'm even more annoyed.


Thinking about it I should probably start watermarking any photos. Anyone else do this?

What steps do you take to protect your work, be it photo's, videos or audio?

I'm not too worried about audio as I can easily prove I own the works if the situation was to arise. I have all the original files, etc, which would be hard for anyone to duplicate. But is this enough?

Just curious to hear what you guys do and is it worth my while chasing this up to get it removed?