So, got this yesterday and haven't had a chance to really take pics, and the camera I have is crap. So, instead, I'm gonna start with a question:

This is my first black-gray guitar. My other flame maple (veneer) topped guitar is my Torero. It has no real apparent seam. Is this seam, and I mostly mean the lighter parts (that I can highlight if it's not obvious what I mean) which I apologize for this crappy photo, normal? I'm torn between "Oooh, it doesn't look perfect like the photo on the PRS guitar page" and going, "It's beautiful regardless."

Yes, I'm picky. Feel free to tell me if I'm being a dumb-ass and should just enjoy my new guitar.

Either way, more pics to come and more thoughts on this awesome addition to my collection and to the PRS SE line in general!