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Thread: Is that 513 top 10 royal blue true or is imitation?

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    Is that 513 top 10 royal blue true or is imitation?

    I love these guitars, but I'm not knowledgeable in the brand, there are many Chinese imitations out there and I wonder if it is original.

    I see no binding leads, please help

    TY all

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    It looks good from here but I can't read the tags. Some PRS guitars come without binding, a style called the wrap-around finish.
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    Looks right to me.

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    Looks good to me - as LindseyP said Royal Blue is a wrap around color and not {typically} offered with binding.
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    Royal Blue 513

    I have his twin...wraparound blue and all...great guitars.
    no binding on mine either...awesome piece!!!!

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