So I drove down to see Derek @ Morgan Guitars with the intention of buying his amazing looking Green 25th head. I took my Radial Headbone for quick amp changes and we did some "blind" testing. I used a few very cool guitars starting with a Tampas Green 408 MT from the EXP. I also played a 408 STD, the 9-11 EXP guitar (matched my shirt so I almost bought it!) and Derek's personal Wood Library with burnt 53/10's. All amazing.
1st up was the aforementioned CAD 25th Anny with the lovely green maple plate & a NOS 25th from 2009 in the same green fabric covering. Both heads sounded amazing. Very "plexi" in tone. Much like Les mentioned about the HXDA. We dialed in "my tone" on both heads and ran in them into a great 2x12 PRS Pine cab. My ears lean towards vintage crunch. Kinda like, but not exactly like a mix of Grissom (with less bottom) Warren Haynes, Gary Moore ala "Still got the blues" era. So, after about an hour of playing and tweaking they both blew me away but I settled on the old head without the fancy maple plate. It was a VERY hard choice. They were VERY similar but there was something about the '09 head that spoke to me more. Plus it was a bit cheaper!!
Not being able to leave while I was ahead, I saw a lovely CAD MDT head in Sherwood Green tolex with a Crab Blue faceplate. That screwed EVERYTHING up. I had played an MDT briefly before but never in a setting like this. With the Headbone switching your ears hear instantly the differences. SO...... I dialed in some incredible tones with the MDT and was now VERY confused. There is a very cool "Hi-Fi" clarity to the MDT but with enough "Marshall" DNA in it to keep ME happy. I played for another hour. I went back & forth about a dozen times on which was my fave.If I didn't have the 408 STD coming in next week I would've brought both home! Anyway, the MDT had a very interesting clarity, saturation, note bloom, sag & tight bottom. Pretty much like a Fender mixed with Marshall mixed with Dumble. I wonder what the MDT stands for?.....
So what did I do? I bought an amazing amp that brings out MY tone the best. It sings, roars, growls and then purrs like a kitten when I pull the volume back on the guitar. It takes ( but doesn't really need) my EP Booster & Gold Kalamazoo pedals very well. And with my Radial Headbone & Big Shot I am able to sit the head on top of my tricked out Dallas Combo and switch amps & control the Gain function on my Dallas and all the sound comes out of the Dallas combo speaker. KILLER rig with multiple personalities. Oh yea.....I never mentioned what I got. Well, I stayed with the '09 25th. I do see an MDT in my future, but the 25th fits me perfectly.
I did also play a very cool Blistertone (least pricey amp I played) and got my '80's on until my fingers bled. Shredders dream. I would've played every amp there, but I was there ALL day and figured I should leave before I spent all of my money. Also left with some new Lava cables & strings.
It was a good day........I didn't take the cameras with me but I will do a demo in a few days. Stay tuned!