Hey, guys. I recently purchased a stunning P22 Artist Package. The guitar sounds as good as it looks in positions 1, 3 and 5 of the 5-position blade, but I'm not getting much use out of positions 2 and 4. In particular, I can't use position 4 at all. I believe it's the inner coils of both pickups, in an attempt to replicate the "in between" tones of a stratocaster, but the pickups are spaced too far apart for this to work, in my opinion, and the tone is very metallic sounding for some reason.

I was wondering if position 2 could be changed to be the outer coil of each humbucker (in the hopes of achieving a telecaster type tone) and if position 4 could be changed to just the outer coil of the neck humbucker (in the hopes of achieving a stratocaster neck pickup tone).

Does anyone know if this is possible? And, even if it's possible, how likely it is to approximate the desired tones?

Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!