So I've got my CU24 shipped off to MD for some minor cosmetic surgery. Even got a call from Mr Shawn to chat about the work to be done - so I know it's in good hands. The trouble is that she's my first PRS and I really really miss her.

I've got a few other great and fun guitars laying around - an awesome LP standard, stellar customized custom shop strat, Parker Fly, EVH Stealth, and a few others - not trying to brag but just to mention that I've a few really nice specimens of guitardom lying around - but no other PRS's. But I really really really miss ma "CeeCee". Now I could buy another, maybe in a different color... have thought about going the "private stock" / build route (I'd like a one-piece top and maybe some minor electronics changes) - but the thought of that makes me feel dirty. Like I'd be cheating on "my gal". I've never been the monogamous type in the past when it's come to guitars - although I've had a few long term relationships - I always like to play the field. But this time it feels like I could really settle down and be with just on guitar for the rest of my life... Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But this just hurts...

Little voices in my head...
- One voice says: "Of course you need a backup for gigging purposes"
- The other says: "be faithful to your true love - she will be back soon"

What to do...?
hmm - goldtop CU24..??? Will the guy from Cheaters show up at my door!!!! arrrgh!!!!