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Thread: A little MDT love

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    A little MDT love

    I have both the MDT and the HX/DA. For the type of stuff I do, the HX/DA is objectively the more appropriate (and to me, the more flexible) amp. Lots of knobs and buttons to give more control, and it seems to have a wider range of clean to dirty with minimal output volume changes using guitar volume controls.

    Still though, the MDT just seems to have a certain sumfin' sumfin' that most other amps don't have. When I play out using the MDT, I usually use it as the "dirty" amp, and use a radial headbone amp switcher with something else (sometimes a fender, sometimes a Marshall Vintage Modern and sometimes the HX/DA) set as the clean amp. And by the way, I can't say enough good things about the headbone.

    I do like the challenge of playing through a single channel amp in a cover band setting though, so I've been experimenting with different settings / guitars with the MDT. The amp itself sounds fantastic with just about any guitar, but for my money, P90 equipped guitars are just about heaven through it live. There's a clarity to the pickups that just make it easier to get the desired range with a single amp setting to me. Not sure what the experience is with others here who gig the MDT. If you aren't trying to cover a bunch of different stuff, it's a no-brainer that the MDT is great live. If you do need to often go on the clean side of the road though, I find it challenging by itself, but my P90 guitars just about give me the range I need. Don't have any soap-bar PRS guitars (need to get one!), but do have some GIbson P90 LPs.

    What's a post like this without clips and pics though? Most of this is just random stream of cheesey clip conciousness, with not much production value (and hence shouldn't be used for real comparitive purposes) but it's always fun to hear what we're talking about at least....

    Vintage '54 goldtop through MDT

    MDT and Fender Supersonic set to gig-configuration with headbone switcher, going from DC to light in terms of dirt, all through a couple of kicks of a switch...

    MDT and HX/DA set similar

    MDT and HX/DA set relatively clean with pedals

    MDT set as clean as it can get at a relatively decen gig volume.

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