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Thread: So does anybody else do this?

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    Cool So does anybody else do this?

    If I come home and find the house empty of wife and kids - I immediately go start powering up stuff in the music room so I can Jam with some VOLUME for a bit!

    Went home for lunch and it was one of those times! CRANKED UP - Working on singing and playing so I ran thru my "set" that I sing...
    Mary Jane's Last Dance
    Hard to Handle
    Born to be Wild
    Champagne Super Nova
    Keep your Hands to yourself
    Wish you were here
    California Hustle and Flow
    Ring of FIRE
    Hotel California
    Already gone

    Working up "If you could only See" but I apparently just not coordinated enough - I can play the song but I can't play AND sing it all....yet. Must be a mental block the part where it slides from G to A for....I guess it would be the verse? The song is a bit unconventional, opens with a chorus. Just can seem to hold up on the rhythm part while singing and sliding!

    LUNCH was very enjoyable!

    I'm a gear hound but I do enjoy getting to PLAY
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