OK, so now I am obsessed with amps, and I am not having alot of luck. Tried the SEs when they first came out and did not like the quality of the OD...

BUT I would like to try out a PRS amp, no dealers near me, so I will explain what I like, and maybe y'all can steer me in a good direction.

I don't play with alot of gain, but I don't like pedals much...not opposed to using a boost (like my TC Spark) but I want the dirt to come from the amp. That means 2 channels. I'd prefer a combo, but not opposed to a head and cab.

I have a Mesa Express+ 5:25 which I love the clean channel and moderately dislike the dirty channel. The blues on max gain doesn't sing enough, and the burn even at mid settings sounds too fizzy. I have a Blackstar Club 40 which I love the dirty channel and moderately dislike the clean one. Too dull - need the Spark on that specifically.

So I am thinking from what I have read 2-Channel C, 2-Channel H in that order. Any thoughts?