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    signed PSR value

    Good Afternoon to you all!
    Our church is having an auction, and we have been taking donations for a month or so...
    And guess what has been donated....A PSR CE22 singed by the Dixie chicks and don Henley..(see link for pictures)

    It's a small school, and no one knew what it's value was. Since I play, they asked me to check it out..
    So I now have a signed PSR in my living room. I plugged it in to see how it played.
    After a total tune up I discovered three things.
    1) the strings are still stretching leading me to think it has never been tuned once it left the factory.
    2) It is in mint condion-basically unplayed, ZERO wear, dings, scratches
    3) this thing is AWSOME

    Other than the signatures wearing off from getting man handled, I see no issues with it.
    It is dirty, covered with paw prints from people (at church probably) handling it. I would clean it up but I am worried about the signatures...they come off real easy
    This guitar and case come with some paper work, apparently it was won at a cancer fundraising golf game, donated by the PSR shop.
    So the question is: what value should we assign to the guitar?
    We give receipts to people that donate for tax purposes.
    I am thinking it will bring around $500 dollars. Like i said, it's a small school..i don't think anyone will know what it's really worth. I am going to put in the biggest bid I can afford (silent auction)
    But what it brings does not effect what the donation value is...
    So what should I tell them?
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