A couple of months ago, I posted a link to a cover of Zappa's "Watermelon In Easter Hay" over on VR, but apparently not here (at least I couldn't find it). One of the comments stood out to me:

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Suggestion: I'd kick up the tempo just a bit and loosen things up. I know that whole thing of the record light goes on, and we play kind of tight, but am I correct in my gut feeling that you could cut loose on this just a bit more?

My first reaction was "I thought I did change things..." but that lasted maybe seven or eight seconds because Les was right, and I kind of knew it as I was recording it. So I filed the comment away and figured I'd work on a couple other things and come back to this. As it turned out, this got done first.

Here's the new version: http://soundcloud.com/alantig/waterm...-easter-hay-v2

Faster tempo, less faithful guitar tones, less worked-out solo. Slightly different instrumentation. Still the Custom 22 Soapy on the rhythm guitar, but I went to the 408 for the melody and solo. The melody is the bridge pickup in single coil mode, with the sort of bridge section (the lower pitched part of the melody, bars 9-12 of the verse) the middle setting with the full humbucker neck pickup. That's on the clean channel of the two-channel C. The solo and the distorted chords at the end are the neck pickup in humbucker mode, lead channel of the C, although the chords at the end are EQ'd to thin the sound out a bit. I'd initially planned to do the guitar part all in one take, like a live performance, but ultimately went back to doing the solo and chords as a separate track.

So fire away!