I brought both of these home from Friday at the Experience, but didn't get around to taking "beauty shots" of the guitar until this weekend.

I knew that I wanted one the Experience P22s as soon as I saw them, but there were so many cool ones to choose from, it was hard to decide. After I finally reached a preliminary decision, I went back to look at it one more time...and while checking out the tag, I discovered that this one also had a completion date of September 4 - my birthday! That clinched it for this "Autumn Sky" beauty:

It plays beautifully, and I am really enjoying the 53/10 pickups as well...they really do have a little Tele-style spank in addition to humbucker beef. The maple neck and ebony board probably contribute to that "snap", as well. And the piezo sounds wonderful...actually, it sounds slightly brighter and better than the piezo in my 25th Anniversary Hollowbody II CB (which is no slouch itself.)

And while I was at it, I also went for the matching 2 Channel "H":

Thanks to the good guys at Wild West Guitars for a great deal on both!