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Thread: Recommend me an overdrive pedal

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    Hadn't seen the Brown Rabbit before. Watched some demos, sounds versatile. A little more of a distortion pedal than overdrive. I like it more than a RAT though.

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    My vote is for the CMATMODS Signa Drive, the original not the Super. I tend to find most of the Tube Screamer clones, improvements, mods, etc. tend to add too much bass to my rig as I don't really play much with single coils anymore. I also dig his Butah pedal if you want something milder. Both are still on my board after trying just about everything.
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    If you read back thru the thread you see the Fulltone OCD pops up alot... there's a reason for that

    Start there. It covers a ton of ground in one pedal...If you don't like it you can sell it in a few minutes on the gear page.

    From there you can go a million ways - I've got something like 9 ODs and distortion pedals... All with their own thing.
    My travel rig has an OCD V4, a Keeley Mod Blues driver (softer "Blues" type thing - Think Kenny Wayne Shepard) and a Keeley Mod Tube Screamer (my MORE button - gives you MORE of whatever you have going)...

    Rig's a mess right here with the wires not stowed - Just redid it to include the wireless and Fishman for my P22 - but you get the idea...

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    lots of great info here and I'll be checking back when I make my next purchase, but I had to go with a RAT for now. Really needed more distortion than overdrive at the moment...and looking around, most people I listen to have a Rat or a Big Muff. When I saw Bill Frisell uses a Rat, I was in.

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    I strongly recommend the PRS "H" for overdrive. It comes with a pedal to trigger the power. :-)

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