Had numerous great reminders why I love PRS guitars this past week...my band, The Parsnip Revolt, played our CD release show last Saturday to a surprisingly sold out show here in our hometown of Philly. It was one of the more high pressure, yet exhilarating gigs I've done. My Studio delivered in spades, sounding incredible all night no matter where I set the knobs/pickup selector...of course it never went out of tune, and the Black Gold looks great under stage lights!

Then today I decided to show it some love by changing the strings, polishing it up, and setting it up now that the cold has set in. Every little tweak was like butter, and all parts/hardware worked as they should, with no fussing or real intonation issues to deal with!

Just wanted to share...was nice to be reminded why I chose PRS many years ago and have stuck with them since!