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Thread: NGD - PRS SE Angelus A/E!

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    NGD - PRS SE Angelus A/E!

    After it's release date has been pushed back many a time, it finally arrived! I came home and the box was super light, opened it up and pulled the case out - also very light.
    Put the case on my bed, opened up and woo-hoo! there it is
    I won't have a chance to plug it into a PA until later on tonight when I go down to my band's rehearsal space so I just screwed around on it for a bit and I gotta say it sounds so well-rounded and full unplugged. Stays in tune very well also as I switched between Standard E, Drop D and C. Here's a few pics for ya
    I'll take a demo video of it in a few days and share too for those who are curious about how this guitar sounds

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    I like it.

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    Congrats! These acoustics look great!

    (Mods moving the thread to the Acoustic section in 3, 2, 1... )
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    Love the SE Angelus. I plan on picking one up eventually!

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    Awesome guitar!

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    prs se angelus

    Just wondering the size of the nut can not find anywhere

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    Looks very very good!
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