First timer here. Currently looking to pick up an "H" and was hoping I could pick your brains for some reviews/tips. I've read some mixed reviews (though there aren't many) on the internet, and some really great ones on this site. The demo videos with Paul and Nicky are incredible...but obviously they are advertisements so I take them for what they are.

A little about me. I play in a rock/funk/reggae band so versatility is important to me. My main ax is a 25th anniversary CU 24, which I will never part with. Sometimes I also play a Strat Deluxe.

I currently am using a DST UV6R. This is a company out of my home town (Beverly, MA) and they make some great stuff. The problem is that it's only 28 Watts, and I've found it not loud enough on stage with another guitar (Twin) and a loud drummer. Add in some percussion and Keys occasionally, and my solos are getting drowned out.

Sorry for the spiel, but as I mentioned, any info on the H or other recommendations you might have will be greatly appreciated, and I also look forward to joing this PRS community (looking through some of the posts you all have some ridiculously nice gear!)