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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    I have two complaints about this forum. #1. We badly need a classified section for selling used guitars. Most of the heavy users of guitar forums are guitaraholics. We buy and sell guitars often. New incoming often means one or several outgoing. When choosing a forum to call home, it is a HUGE attraction if it has a classified section. I do not believe this forum will achieve critical mass and thrive without one.

    Yes, I know PRS is in the business of selling NEW guitars. However, the success of the forum will benefit PRS by increasing interest and enthusiasm in the brand. Also, I do not think used guitar sales will take away from new guitar sales. Let's face it, used PRS are MUCH less expensive than new PRS. It is not the same market. A guy who wants a new one is going to buy a new one because it is pristine, it may be the newest hot thing, he has a huge selection to get exactly the right color and options her wants and there is virtually no fraud risk with dealers. A guy who wants to save money on a used one is going to get a used one; he is not going to give up and pay an extra 50% for a new one.

    I will also say a word about liability. If you are worried about the company getting pulled into a dispute on a sale gone bad, I would simply say put a BIG HONKING DISCLAIMER IN BOLD TYPE ALL CAPS IN HUGE FONT at the top of the classified section and each thread therein making clear that the company is in no way involved and is not policing the section.

    Anyone else with me?

    I'll post #2 in a few days.

    No, I'm not with you at all. Actually, and I say this with the utmost respect possible, I find several of your blanket statements rather self-serving and boorish, but hopefully that's just my take and wasn't your true intention. More on all of that later.

    The idea of some sort of sale/trade section here has already been addressed on numerous occasions. I for one like not having listings, trade offers, and even 'unofficial' ads from dealers here. As has already been pointed out, there are countless places on the web where that content can be found by those who are interested. IMO, this forum is different (read:better) much in the same way that most PRS products themselves are different. If someone wants 'the usual' (for lack of a better term), then it's out there waiting for them. If they want something a bit different, then PRS might be what they're looking for. That includes the PRS forum itself.

    Obviously, what constitutes a 'HUGE attraction when choosing a forum to call home' is different for everyone. Personally, if I want to wade through sales pitches then I know where to find them. I don't wish to have them as part of the accepted scenery in yet another setting. PRS isn't a 'normal' guitar and amp maker. By extension, their forum isn't the 'normal' type either. I find that refreshing and unique, and a very pleasant change from most guitar-related sites and forums.

    To those who want ads, etc. here, what is the point? Why do you want that feature here? To add to the camaraderie and enjoyment of the PRS community? Or is it primarily to increase your own chances to buy or sell something? No offense intended, but if that's your aim then I think it might be a bit selfish.

    I suggest that we all be gracious enough to accept this venue for what it is and how it is, and perhaps seek out other sites that 'achieve critical mass and thrive' in ways more in line with differing sensibilities and expectations as needed. After all, there's no law that says PRS even has to have a forum at all. I don't think it's too much to ask that we take it and enjoy it as it is presented to us (and presented free of charge by the way!).

    Now, Jester, to some of your remarks that I found troubling. Who is this ‘we’ to whom you refer? Please refrain from stating what 'we' need. I am more than capable of deciding - and voicing - my own needs. I require and accept NO outside assistance in this area, and I imagine most members here are equally qualified. You focusing on your own needs and desires? Fine. Mine? Please leave them to me.

    Also, I visit and/or post on this forum virtually every day, and have done so since its inception. Based on your limited criteria, then that apparently makes me a ‘heavy user’, a ‘guitarholic'. Fine by me. I can live with that label.

    However, your generalization is again incorrect, as most generalizations usually are. I don't know anything about you, but I'd be willing to say that it is entirely possible that I was buying, selling, building and playing guitars before you were even born. Yet not once in all of that time did I find it a hinderance not to have (A) the internet, or (B) a forum which allows commercial listings at my disposal. So it's by no means crucial that a forum provide a trade area of some kind. Convenient, yes. Crucial, no.

    The last point I will make is a simple one. This forum is owned and controlled by Paul Reed Smith Guitars. It is theirs to run as they see fit. As users, we have the choice of either following the rules and participating within those guidelines, or going elsewhere. The subject of possibly adding a marketplace of some type has already been addressed. And rejected. I for one have no problem with that.

    Again, absolutely respectfully to all, Goldtop
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