A few mos ago I bought an NF3 from a popular national chain that begins with G. It was the nicest playing guitar in the store, and probably the most fun/easiest playing guitar I've ever played; completely homey feel to the fretboard, effortless fretting and bending of strings easily 3 tones. Aside from that funky tone from the NF3's.

It was setup with 10-46 gauge. I had been playing it every day and so 2 wks ago i put on new strings - no PRS strings in our local store so i put on some elixir's - same gauge. I am not sure, but i do not think it plays quite as well/easily as the strings it came setup with. I didn't change anything in the setup. Its still very very nice but not quite the magic feel that I experienced the first few mos.

So my question is - are the PRS strings "special" in some way, is there something special about restringing this kind of guitar, or am I merely already used to the guitar (e.g. magic gone)? Since then I did get some PRS' online and i could check it directly, but the Elixir's are so new it seems a waste if people think there shouldn't be any difference.

Eager for insight that any of you may have.