I think this forum is the best place to ask this PRS-Piezo related question.

So...you have a PRS with a piezo, and it has two input jacks...the "standard" and the "piezo".

What is the best formula for running cables from guitar to amp(s)??

Do you use a stereo cable and have it run from the standard jack into two amps? Do you run it from the Piezo input?

Or, do you use a "tip/ring" cable and have one jack going into the standard, and one into the piezo?

I guess, the best way to answer this question would be if someone could basically describe all the options and how they are implemented. In other words, how do you set up the cables/guitar/amps for:

  • Regular pickups only (that's pretty obvious, I guess)
  • Piezo only (again, I guess just piezo into the correct "dedicated" amp?)
  • Both regular and piezo into 1 amp (now we're getting more complicated)
  • Both regular and piezo into 2 separate dedicated amps (I assume you use one amp that is equalized for acoustic guitars to get the best out of the piezo system...I also assume that this is the best way to get the maximum out of your piezo equipped guitar).

thanks in advance...I've never really used a Piezo equipped guitar before and I am curious as to how to get the most out of it.