I have ordered three PRS guitars via my local dealer, and never was he given a tracking number to track it when he received his invoice that it shipped.
No problems with the SE Santana and SE Custom 24 (both 2012 models), we just waited until they came in.

Now on my SE Tremonti Custom if you have been following my ordeal trying to get one in the Tremonti thread, had my dealer been given a tracking number for the first guitar, he would have known that PRS Shipping sent it to PA instead of my state which is WA.
He could have requested my second one be sent sooner, but he found out late when he called up his contact at PRS and she asked if he had gotten it yet, and he said no, then she found out shipping sent it to the wrong state.

Now on my second Tremonti which was shipped on Halloween, it arrived broken thanks to the UPS guys who threw it around inside of either semi trailer, or the local smaller trucks that deliver.
Chances are if he had one shipped earlier if he had known the first one was shipped to the wrong state, the replacement might have arrived unscathed.

The third one was shipped on Monday the 12th, and it should have arrived yesterday, but it did not.
My dealer put a call and email in yesterday requesting where it was, and no one got back to him.

As of right now we do not know where my third Tremonti is.
I think it would be very good for PRS to supply tracking numbers to their dealer network when they ship a guitar.
My dealer can then supply me with the tracking number too so I can see it on its long cross country journey to his store.

I have emailed Customer Service many a time requesting if they can track it for me, and I am always told that they do not have the info.
How hard would it be for them or shipping to supply the dealer network with this info?

I was really hoping to have my guitar for the holiday, but it is not going to happen now.