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Thread: NGD!!! Tremonti SE Custom

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    NGD!!! Tremonti SE Custom

    Finally, after a month and a half, I paid it off and it's here! 2012 Tremonti SE Custom Purple Burst

    With its brothers

    The SE Custom's body is thicker at places in comparison to the US model (SE is on the left), specifically at the strap buttons (which are in different places, too). The heel is also thicker and the neck seems to be a smidge thinner. I don't have a scale but the SE weighs a tad more I think, probably because of the inferior top carve as well as the heel and stuff.
    (PS those are reflections, not nicks in the finish )

    Great guitar, I'm very happy with it and will enjoy upgrading some of the SE parts gradually. Want to know the best part? This guitar shipped from the UK on Monday evening and arrived at my door at 11 am this morning (Wednesday). I was very happy with this as it seems some people are waiting weeks and weeks to get these guitars shipped to them WITHIN THE US.

    Also, my sales guy said he estimated about 30-40 of these purple ones were made. I'd be interested to know if I was the only one in the US with a purple one.


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    wow, I think I like it better in that Purple color, congrats man
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    Looks great man!!! Enjoy it!!
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