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Thread: New Bridge or New Saddles???

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    New Bridge or New Saddles???

    Im looking for one last upgrade to my PRS SE Mushok Baritone, and im looking at either a new Hipshot bridge or a set of Graphtech saddles, what upgrade would be best for me to put on it?

    I will also be using this as a reference as im looking at getting the Custom 24-7 SE next year as i am not feeling my Schecter 7 string as its so heavy and i want passives and not EMGs in it. I also looking at a Tremonti Custom SE as well and doing a Marsden SE LTD to it with a Tremonti Treble and McCarty bass being installed with all new electronics and a better set of tuners.

    Im looking for a tad more sustain, but something that would be better for palm muting.

    I love the SE line, but i also love modding them!
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    I don't feel either choice would really be an upgrade, just a preference.

    I use Graphtech saddles on both of my PRS but only because of string breakage issues, they dull the tone a bit, and I have never noticed an increase of sustain using them. If you like the sound of older (not new) strings, they could be of some use to you.

    Good luck!

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    Hm...I don't really see either being an upgrade either. My major upgrade that I do personally is to change the frets out for Stainless Steel 6100's, but that's just me. That doesn't really help sustain, it just goes hand-in-hand with my playing style for ease of vibrato and so on.

    Sustain on a fixed bridge...I dunno dude. Usually the upgrades I do for that are on trem bridges. You could have it chopped for a 2TEK maybe. That might change it in a way that you'd be up for.

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