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Thread: Where is the PRS nylon, and who's calling Paco?

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    Where is the PRS nylon, and who's calling Paco?

    I mean come on! You don't even need to put truss rods in these!

    I have decided that I will be going to Experience next year and I feel that the only person who could grant my wish of a lifetime is Paul.
    If PRS decided to make a nylon string guitar for Paco de Lucia, I could finally see Al, John, and Paco in an intimate setting and make new friends, while buying a new guitar at the same time.


    Al has been down forever, John just committed, and if you include Carlos that's three guys that have access to Paco's phone number, so who's gonna make the guitar?

    If PRS makes a nylon, I will buy a long-distance card and try to track Paco down and bring him in, I'm willing to put the work in to make my dreams come true but just need a little help in the form of a guitar to present.
    We all know a classical-ish guitar is just a natural progression for the PRS acoustic line, why not make it happen with the man with the most flair?

    I really can't think of another living human being who can entertain me with solo guitar, nothing but him, no singing, for seven minutes straight.
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