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Thread: NGD - SE Custom 24

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    NGD - SE Custom 24

    SHot One

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    Shot Two

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    Shot Three
    Sun hit it solidly
    Makes it look like a cherry burst of sorts, no ?

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    Very cool................. Cat!

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    I was considering one for Xmas but I really need to upgrade some old pedals and put money away for a decent gigging amp.

    I'll pick one up at some point though, even if it's an older model. Played one at a guitar show on Sunday and it sounded and played great. Quite surprised as I haven't got on with 24 fretters in the past but this one felt good.
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    It IS that good, for sure
    I have a few 24-fretters, including an Ibanez that will probably go up for sale now !
    Here's another shot
    I think I'm getting the hang of this

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