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I agree, a great amp like these makes you want to play more precisely.

Though I gotta say, my Mark V seemed to want a lot of accuracy as well, especially in its Tweed mode, and I dug the Mark V, even though I feel more connected to the HXDA.

I feel the same way about the Recording Amp...so I am assuming this holds for the 25th Anniversary Platform based amps...its interesting because A/B circuitry I have personally viewed (to my hands and ears at any rate) as more forgiving than Class A amplifiers.

On the subject of The Mesa Recto...it is not known for subtlety...however that doesn't mean it's not there...most people playing those amps buy them for Modern Red..and never even explore the amp's other modes....liked the Pushed mode for example which is amazingly touch sensitive...vintage and glorious in its own right.