Got it new from my local shop, really loving it!

Front shot: -

Shot of the bevelled top: -

Neck with birds!: -

Group hug shot!: -

Left to right Gibson Les Paul Studio Goldtop P90 Darkback, PRS SE Dave Navarro, Dean Limited Silverbusrt ML, Jackson Adrian Smith SDX, Dean Michael Schenker Retro V, the bottom guitar is a Spear NF-II which is a fully Hollow guitar, always wanted a McCarty Hollowbody since the dawn of my guitaral knowledge but they're waaay out of my price bracket, so i got that.. has a mahogony body maple top with flamed veneer, set neck (just like a prs with the protuding heel) ebony fretboard with abalone fnag 12th inlay..sorry i digress the SE is so nice to play it sounds immense!