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Thread: VINYL

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    Newest additions are two record store day rei-issues of Incubus Morning View and Make Yourself, and the first two Shinedown albums
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    My newest additions are Neil Young's Psychedelic Pill and Springfield's XD-S (now that's a loud 45!).

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    Picked up the turntable, but went too early to listen to the RJ 78 again. Brought the table home, reinstalled, and spun some Joe Walsh, Deep Purple, Steve Perry and Head East. It had been a while - I forgot how much more dynamic vinyl could be. I had the volume cranked and it sounded great.

    Down in my garage I have an old turntable that was left in the first house we bought. I hung on to it even though it doesn't have a cartridge because it plays 78s. The vinyl store I go to has an attached store that sells only 78s (which is where they were playing the Johnson disc). Quite odd to see a disc titled "Hitler Lives" in the bins...

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    Got about 100 albums left...took a lot to Record and Tape traders years back and swapped for CDs...(have few thousand of those)...but the albums I kept are rotating in album frames in the music room...currently, Zep IV, Beatles VI stamped Promo...Styx Cornerstone (parents brought back from Greece, opens totally different than US version, and Triumph Never Surrender, signed by Rik Emmett...rotate regularly, but those 4 are fun to talk about.

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