I am thinking about getting a 408 with these specs:
Eriza Verde color
Natural color for the side, back, and neck
Pattern Thin neck
And also setup for 9 to 42 strings, not a fan of 10s.

I would order this via Sweetwater instead of my local mom & pop shop where I have been getting my SEs from.
It has a nightmare trying to get my SE Tremonti Custom via him since he is not privy to any tracking info once a guitar leaves PRS shipping.
I am not about to plunk down $3K plus for a guitar and not know where it is all times.
Sweetwater tells me they have tracking info so they know the date a guitar will arrive once it leaves PRS, then of course on route to my home, I then have tracking info from Sweetwater and FedEx Ground.

This is the color I am wanting, but it does not show in the site what color the sides, back and neck are.
I want the natural color like my son's SE Semi-Hollow for the sides, back, and neck.
That color along with the green color will look killer.

Is this something that PRS stocks, or does it have to be a custom job, and if so, what time frame to have it built and then shipped to Sweetwater?

Maybe it comes in that color setup I want, as I see one here.
Cannot post their pics of the backside here, as they have it setup so you cannot get the URL of the picture.
But from the pics they have there, it looks like it is the natural color I want for the sides, back, and neck.