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Thread: Rocker Amp Stands

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    Rocker Amp Stands

    A certain guy I just bought two new guitar straps from is launching another new product some of you may be interested in.
    I am going to get one for my 1x12 combo amp I have.

    I called him up today to tell him I dig my new strap that showed up today, and to let him know I placed my order for a second one.
    We go to talking and he told me he has a new product coming out soon, and I mentioned to him about the Atlas stands, those nice wood ones we have seen here in a few threads.
    Those things are expensive, starting off as much as an SE guitar.
    His will be much cheaper, and you tilt it back with your finger, and no need to tighten anything, it locks into place when you tilt it.
    You do have to drill into the bottom of your combo though, not a big deal to me.

    Here is the website, and if any of you are interested in it, you can sign up on his page to be let known when they become available.

    Mike, the owner I spoke to is on the left side of the video, and that is his son with him.

    On this page they have a pic you can spin with your mousie to see the front, sides, and back.

    If you want to get on Mike's mailing list, here is the page.

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