And so I will.
I'll leave the name and job stuff for the sig.
I bought my first PRS used in 1988 or so, a Std24. I had heard of these, and got lucky enough to find one. Wish I still had it, but I sold it to buy a Super 400...
I play Klein guitars a lot. I have three. I know Lorenzo German pretty well. (Please, if you're one of his former customers, don't ask me to help you get your guitar that you ordered way back there, I have one on order too.). I try to keep my GAS disease under control, but guitars are tax write offs for me, so it's pretty easy to justify them.
After years of looking at them again, I bought a Hollowbody Spruce from Brian Meader when he was still at Washington Music Center near DC, three years ago. Then I bought a Studio from him last year. I love that too. It sounds different, and I like that. I want a P22.
I play jazz. Not much rock and roll. But I do like to get a variety of sounds from a guitar, and these do it.
I really admire PRSh's drive to make a really good instrument. I've never met him, but I'd like to. He seems to be just a bit obsessed about making things as good as he can, and I really like that.
My job is in the Maritime provinces of Canada, and there's not much available. I'd like to try one of the new amps, but there aren't any near me there.
Guitars are more fun than just about anything else.
I'm in.