I'm Baimun and I first became obsessed with PRS guitars around 1988 or so where I played a weird swirly-gunmetal guitar from a manufacturer I had never heard of in a local music store. I was just a poor kid playing pawn shop guitars and used amps. Flash forward many years, bar bands, and guitars later and that guitar still haunted me. I kept kicking myself for not selling a kidney or such an buying it. I figured I was a "grown up" (whatever that meant) and deserved a nice guitar and started out with an Anniversary guitar that was similar to that original teenage obsession.

Over the next 7 or 8 years, I owned several different PRS.... Custom 22, Swamp Ash, etc... and one St. Patty's day I actually ran into the guy who STILL OWNS that guitar that I played all those years ago.

My favorite PRS is this Goldtop with an Indian Rosewood neck, hybrid hardware, and 57/08 pickups.