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    Dunno if I'm blind or what, but it seems that I am your 1st Finn in here. I trid to read this thru carefully, but..

    As you all poropably knew already, Finns mainly nest in a country called Finland. Them peskies. For those who find the breed unfamiliar, short descriptive information follows: When U.S of A was new, there were signs next to saloon doors where it said:" No alcohol served to indians and Finns". That was because the indians used to get hostile because of booze and the Finns got friendly. Normal saturday night in Finland - as you've all heard - includes heavy drinking of illegal, home made alcohol, wrestling with polar bears, castrating reindeers by biting and friendly free-for-all type stabbing contest.

    Finns may also be terrible liars...

    However sad it is to have your first (or last maybe) Finn in here, i have a real reason to join you people. Actually i have 3. Those are -04 CE22, -12 SE245 and -06 Santana SE. I'm not saying that i'm much of a guitar player but that does't matter. Those guitars are so good people haven't noticed it yet.

    Appears that i am 46 years old. In time of writing this blabber, the count from my first public appearance in a rock band has reached 34 years. Can't remember the whole set, but there was Johnny B Goode and Get off my cloud from The Stones at least. Of course there was also a 12 years old hot shot with sixpack and lots of throwing up later in the night, but it was some kinda start anyways.

    Aaaaannnd the rest of the journey hasn't been much cleaner, so i show some humanity and save you people from it.

    My story with PRS started about two years ago. Before that i've had my share of guitars, but for few reasons there has been no PRS's in them. Guess it's the idea of Jimi and Stevie playing strats making people do bad desicions by buying them those F-words. My F's have been from pure **** (one American standard type from -81) to Decent (last years SRV), but there has been no excellent one in them 5 (or 6 if we count the MIJ in) I've owned. But 2 years ago i popped in a local shop and noticed this wine red Santana SE in there. After short test, i carried it home. The wide fat neck was the thing. Looks like i've been looking for that all my (when there is no better word to describe it, i use) career. In 2012 short visit in the same shop made me proud owner of SE 245. I was actually after some strings, but it ended up this way.

    Yes. SHE did show some signs of not understanding it, but got silent after i told her that i never mentioned if those strings were going to be attached in a guitar or not.

    Finally last thursday i swapped my SRV to CE22. Poor bugger even gave me few hundred euros for it. I felt like thief. For some reason CE's appear to be cheap. But i swapped a 1770eur SRV (as new) to 2690eur CE22 (as new) and got real money in between those.

    Noooo! I didn't come here to brag (oh yes i did ) but to finally join in this fine club of extraordinary (ladies?) and gentlemen.

    Lost my line in here... Oh yes!

    I was amazed of the quality of work in that Korean made Santana. I also found no reasons to change anything in it (parts). All it needed was heavier strings and hard playing. For me it had worth more than many made in usa notsayingthosebrandsbecauseofpossibleban's. When the 245 came in, i was really amazed. Dunno if i got just extremely fine one or what, but it sounds and acts better than any singlecut i've ever laind my hands on. And believe me, i've fumbled some very expensive ones. It weights practically nothing and the sustain... I could pick it, go have a dump and come back to hear it still playing. Also flame top with that money. Sheesh! No wonder i was just looking good trade with the last F in the house. Took some time to find someone willing to trade. Last 2 nites i've been playing. Can't wait 'til next wednesday. There is some real job for it then.

    I believe i need few more PRS's thou. I think some kinda strato killer (305 perhaps) would be nice and also a hollow body is a must. Let's hope it rains money in here soon.

    So here i am (sorry for that). Now entertain me

    Edit: Some eye candy

    [IMG] image ru[/IMG]


    [IMG] image hosting no sign up[/IMG]
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