hello everyone,
i have a major problem, i've played les pauls forever, im 57 and started playing at 15, my first gibson was a '55 junior, ever since i've owned loads of lesters. what i have now is a '94 special which i've just added up all the work i've put into this thing. just did frets and nut $460. new ABS bridge $150, new pots and caps and it never seems to stop bleeding me. i'm done!! the only PRS's i've ever played were the real expensive ones from the early '90's. i don't have 3 grand for one of the maryland made models i am however interested in the SE's. i know this is a site where people are... well, PRS owners but i need to start someplace. i have questions, generally how's the quality? what kind of pot's are used i.e. linear/audio taper? what i don't want to do is rebuild it like i did to the special i have. any suggestions or ideas or opinions will be appreciated.
joey pinter, lost in LA