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The wrap stoptail is perfect for me and a brilliant design. With Tone Pros studs it intonates perfectly and is just a no-brainer
I have both, but have been phasing out the trems. Can't beat the tuning stability and ease of moving from Drop D to Std without fuss. With that being said, I despise the aluminum stoptail. It looks great and feels cool in your hand, it's obviously a well machined piece of metal, I just can't stand the tone. I wish new PRS's came with the adjustable instead, or at least gave you the option. I've bought two stoptail models this year (Mira, Std. 22), and went to Tonepros adj. right away. Never looked back, and the guitars sound exponentially better. Maybe they're someone's cup of tea, but for me, being able to precisely dial in the intonation....and the huge improvement in tone make the Tonepros adj bridge a no-brainer. I would love to try a PRS adj bridge on both of these, I happen to like the look a lot better, but can't get over the fact that the PRS unit is 2-3x the street price of the TP.