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Thread: Best Concert You've Been To...

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    First concert: Journey, shortly before Escape was released and one of the early shows with Jonathan Caine. Billy Squier opened.

    most memorable: Peter Gabriel, So Tour in Hamburg, Germany, 1987. He ended the encore with Biko and turned the mic to the audience before leaving the stage. The whole audience kept singing long after the music stopped, the lights came up and people were walking out of the arena. The singing continued down in the subway station and onto the train. Unbelievably powerful. Gabriel was still falling into the audience then during Lay Your Hands on Me and since I was dead center with about 5 people b/w me and the stage, he went right overhead, pulling on my hand to get himself further into the audience.

    other greats: first Rush show (signals tour), Roger Waters The Wall in 2010, any David Lindley performance, The Musical Box (Genesis recreation band from Canada), California Guitar Trio, Oingo Boingo with The Tubes at my college, Springsteen at the LA Colliseum, Yes, Dire Straits, so many . . .

    almost forgot: Santa Barbara Blues Festival in 1987/8; I got to meet John Lee Hooker and shake his hand.

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    I made out with my girl on a picnic blanket at one of Donna Summer's last concerts at Ravinia like, five years back.. That was fun.

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    Toots & The Maytals back in '01 or '02 at little bar called The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS. I had been listening to a lot of reggae at that point in my life and loved the older stuff. Toots and The Maytals were so far distant from me, I never thought I would ever see them in concert. Then one day, I heard they were coming to this tiny little bar in Lawrence, KS of all places. Tickets were cheap as hell and I was up front at the stage watching one of my favorite reggae I wish I could go back to that time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRod4928 View Post
    Rush 2011 in Pittsburgh

    Looking forward to Brit Floyd and Alter Bridge in the next 2 months!
    Wait - that was you?

    Where are you seeing Alter Bridge? I haven't seen anything about them being here, but I haven't looked at listings lately - just enough to get my ticket for Ghost on Good Friday!

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    I saw Sting for both the "Dream of the Blue Turtles" and "Nothing Like the Sun" tours...what a great live lineup. Omar Hakim, Kenny Kirkland, Branford, Dominic Miller.

    Wish I could go back and listed with my "older ears" now because I know I didn't fully appreciate it back then in high school.
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    Rush, about 1989. I think it was the "Presto" tour? Our town was the first date of the tour and they rented the auditorium for a week to rehearse and get the "show" dialed in. The sound and production was awesome, best I've ever seen for a big show like that. Second would be Neil Diamond about 2007, no joke.

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