So, copping your favorite artists' tone, or creating something that's more your own these days?

Lots of players want to sound like someone else; other players want to carve their own air. Which are you?

While you're thinking about your answer, I'll explain my perspective on this stuff.

My ad music work requires me to be able to work in a huge variety of compositional styles, from orchestral to hip-hop to rock to folk and even jazz. But whatever style I work in, I bring my own tonal palette along for the ride. I stopped trying to sound like other players when I was a kid. It never truly happens, anyway. Everyone sounds different. Most importantly, everyone's phrasing, timing, picking technique, and note selection is unique to them. Heck, two piano players sound different on the same piano, and they don't even directly touch the strings. So differences between players are even more apparent with guitar.

I choose tones that I think are appropriate to the work at hand, and they sound like I want them to sound. I try to sound the way I hear things. Not to say there is a better or worse way to think about music. There certainly isn't. This is just how I think about it.

I find that with PRS guitars, I can cover an awful lot of bases with a minimal number of instruments. They're that flexible, and they are wonderfully responsive. They have a unique voice. That works for me. But there is no "right way to do this" when it comes to making music. It's what works for the individual player.

Do you try to sound like a favorite player or band? Or do you do your own thing?