In the spirit of Hans' "one thought provoking thread per week" request, here's mine....

What matters more, guitar or amp?

My opinion is.....

Sure, everybody knows to say that it's neither because (fill in your favorite guitar god) would sound just as good even if he were playing an old Univox through a cheapy cube amp.

Yeah, true, but I'm no guitar god. And both have a real effect on how I sound (at least in the context of the cover band stuff that I do...)

For me, I'd choose the cheapest guitar in the PRS line and an HX/DA or an MDT with a 2x12 of V30s over the nicest private stock BRW neck uber guitar and a cheapy amp....or a Mexican Tele and a Twin Reverb over a custom shop Tele or Strat with a cheapy amp..... Or an Epiphone SG and Marshall Offset JTM45 over an R9 and a Marshal MG.

It's just a thought experiment though since we don't necessarily have to choose.... But if I had to, I'd go all out on the amp, and not so much on the guitar.

I have no experience at all with modelling software though, so maybe I'd change my tune if I did???

Anyway, how about you???

P.S., I'd ask for a card assignment, but I'm too much of a comittment-phobe for that. Maybe severel of the less reliable amongst us can gang together in the wild-card slot??