I stumbled across a used 1957/2008 today hung high on a wall at GC. Good condition, one very small ding on the top near the neck pickup. Blueberry quilt. Now, I'm not real big on that color, but this one has faded and I love how it looks. I forgot these were nitro(many are way too sticky feeling for me)...in fact, I never would've guessed by playing it...so let's get to that...

The guitar played great, sounded great at moderately lowish volumes. Played it through a Mesa Royal Atlantic head/Marshall cab. The thing that kind of struck me was that I just wanted to sit there and keep playing it. That doesn't happen to me all the time - ESPECIALLY at a relatively noisy music store. I typically hate playing at stores unless there's a "boom room". I like to be somewhere without distraction that I can be semi loud. I really just wanted to sit there and keep playing it. I've played several McCarty's with 57/08's so I am familiar with them. This is my first go with the non-etched version...they sounded great. It was too loud in store to hear any discernible difference from my newer etched/TM'd versions though. So "my guy" said they would do a 60 day/cash down layaway on it for me and if I decided between now and then I didn't want it, just to let him know and it would be all good either way. Maybe that's a norm GC thing that they do or maybe not, but it took me by surprise a little bit. He took it back, wiped it down, cased it in the back and gave me a receipt So I left with a euphoric feeling because I felt an instant bond there while playing it. I usually go through a somewhat longer process before I say that. But it seemed there right away. I will go back and give it another go before/if I buy, I'm sure.

So on with my questions:
1)Peruvian mahogany neck...is there something special that made PRS use this particular mahogany for this model? Any noticeable difference from the normal, run-of-the-mill(pun intended) mahogany used? I know all pieces of wood are different, but...

2)Did many blueberry finishes fade? Doesn't matter either way because I love how it looks, just curious.

3)Do I need another McCarty???????
I've been looking for another guitar, but I have 2 McCarty standards(one with 5708's). I was really more looking for a p22 for my next guitar. I usually can't do more than 1 guitar per year.

So, help me justify. Talk me in or out of it. What would YOU do?

Some pics: